Lesser-Publicized Films Opening at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival

Le Fin De Siecle: Disturbing post-apocalyptic feminist thriller set in the dreary coastal marshlands of France. Starring Audrey Tatou and many uncredited, gratuitously topless women. No subtitles.
And So Life Goes: Behind-the-scenes biopic on the classic 80s family TV series “Life Goes On”. Stars Reese Witherspoon, who waived her fee in order to play women she calls “my idol, my muse”, Kellie Martin.
3 Rings: In this dark comedy, Michael Cera plays a hapless fundraising “binder kid” who stumbles his way into a conspiracy within the nonprofit fundraising world and is given a deadline – raise $10,000 on the mean New York streets by day’s end – or die trying.
Schoolhouse Door:  Kevin Spacey’s surprisingly nuanced take on Governor George Wallace: this controversial biopic posits that the Alabama politician was a deeply closeted and carried on affairs with the likes of Hubert Humphrey, among others.
Killer App: Norweigan import in which a group of teens learn all too late there is a price to pay for downloading a mysterious app called Død (Death). English Subtitles.
The Gaytrix: A Kickstarter-funded, shot-for-shot musical parody of the Wachowski Siblings’ 1999 action sci-fi hit, starring the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles.
Hot Dogs: A heartwarming documentary about support dogs trained to enter the nation’s hardest prisons and teach the inmates Bikram Yoga. Narrated by Drew Barrymore.
Do The Bartman: In-depth “where are they now?” look at manufacturers of 1990s bootleg Bart Simpson apparel.
Podmother: In this lighthearted romp, a 101 year old woman (Jane Fonda) teaches a 90 year old woman (Meryl Streep) how to make a podcast, setting off events that will forever change the course of their lives.

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