Beyond Lady Ghostbusting: Further Ways Feminist Hollywood Will Ruin Your 1980s Childhood:

(See previously)


  • Reading Rainbow reboot: hosted by Gabourey Sidibe; theme song by Beyonce; exclusively featuring books written by bell hooks.
  • Live Action Muppet Babies Movie will star Kathy Bates as Nanny, Will Mostly Focus On Her Post-Menopausal Sexual Misadventures
  • HBO Presents: She-Ra Starring Laverne Cox
  • Mathnet: The Movie starring Kate McKinnon as Kate Monday and Carrie Brownstein as Pat Tuesday, two detectives who team up to cover up their murder of their shared former partner, George Frankly (Topher Grace)
  • Ma Vie En Paris: A Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure spinoff about Simone’s life after fleeing her abusive boyfriend Andy and moving to France.
  • HBO Presents: He-Man Starring Lena Dunham
  • Claire, A re-imagining of The Cosby Show in which Claire (Pam Grier) never married but instead became a Supreme Court Justice and with a houseful of daugters named Sondra , Denise (Zendaya), Theodora (Raven Goodwin), Vanessa (Willow Smith) and Rudy (Quvenzhané Wallis).
  • Dark Father: A Revised, Leia-Focused Star Wars Episode, In Which She Fights The Patriarchy By Killing Her Father (and ditching her whiny brother on Dagoba to get him out of the way)
  • Going Ape: Live action series explores life in the newsroom for a hard-hitting redheaded reporter-slash-martial artist named April O’Neil (Jessica Chastain) who has no time to mommy some mutant man-turtle-babies.
  • The Trans-formers: The Movie (2016), featuring Chaz Bono (Optimus Prime); Janet Mock (Hot Rod); Buck Angel (Megatron/Galvatron); Caitlyn Jenner (Unicron). 

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