My Puppies Have An Instagram Account And Yes We Are Those Dog Ladies Now

Look at these lil doop doops:

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Peggy had her spay surgery on Wednesday and is doing much better. She has to wear the cone for another 8 days, so she’s a bit grumbly but overall doing much better than she was even just a day ago. Mostly it makes her nervous because she has lost her peripheral hearing with the cone and probably feels pretty vulnerable with the incision site on her belly. She is also a wee bit frustrated that she can’t pull her usual “super dog” leaping antics while she is healing. She has been very patient with Monty and getting used to another dog in the house. She does get frustrated when I ask them both to sit for a treat and Monty just wanders off. She’s serious about treats.

Monty is getting settled in to his new kingdom and he and Peggy are slowly but surely becoming pals. He loves to burrow under blankets or just snuggle up right against our necks (using our shoulder as a seat). He is also pretty playful and with Peggy out of commission he has resorted to trying to get us humans to play with him. He gallops around the house like a mini pony. I am busy trying to source bejeweled miniataure capes and mini bedazzled piano for his forthcoming “Dog Liberace” act.

You can creep them online by clicking through the images above, or follow @montyandpeggy if you have an Instagram account.

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