Nice write-up of the Guelph Comedy Festival

So…I accidentally did some stand-up gigs in Guelph a couple of weeks ago. Not on purpose, but I’m one of those people who can’t quit comedy for long, especially when it’s a gig more than a thirty minute drive away and I am filling in for someone last minute (ask me about getting asked for – and giving – an encore for a woman’s birthday party in Oakville sometime, seriously).

There was a lovely write up of the festival at large in the Ontarion, the University of Guelph’s newspaper. It includes SCANDALOUS quotes by some feminist monster:

Toronto-based standup pro, Catherine McCormick, brought stories of family life, feminist ideals, and her favorite type of porn. These things, to be sure, are all related and likely more awkward than you can imagine.

“I started doing standup comedy six years ago in Toronto and it’s the least feminist world possible,” said McCormick. “I’ve always tried to infuse a little bit of my feminism into my comedy in a way that makes people feel it’s approachable and funny […]. Some of my best audiences have just been sport bars filled with bros, because for them if I make them laugh it’s okay and they’re also kind of hearing a different perspective then the five or six comics that are on the lineup with me.”

Recently, a debate has been raging about the necessity to be politically correct in standup routines. Some universities and student associations insist on carefully vetting comedians and even highlight unspeakable language and phrases. This wave has caused some necessary change and confusion for entertainers. Two comedians in the mix right now are Jerry Seinfeld and Patton Oswalt. “Those guys [Seinfeld and Oswalt] have to adapt to this new world where people can write back to them and say ‘hey I don’t like what you’re saying – this is offensive, this is hurtful, and this is why’, and if those guys don’t adjust, they’re just going to have to go home and cry with their millions of dollars,” said McCormick. “Jerry Seinfeld hasn’t performed at a college campus since 1986. What the f*** does he know. If it’s too liberal for him he doesn’t have to. […] I think those jobs are going to go to people who are more diverse and who represent a reality that was very different than it was 10, 15, 20 years ago.”

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