An Interview with Lauren Mitchell

I had the chance to interview fellow funny lady Lauren Mitchell about her new podcast, Cavern of Secrets (link & preview inside)

CM: How does your feminism impact your approach to comedy? What about podcasting? Do you think that either of these spheres would be harder or easier to navigate if you were more “apolitical”?

LM: I think that because I’m a feminist, feminism comes out in my comedy, on the podcast, in everything I do really. I remember back when I was first doing comedy, having a convo with a male comedian who was like, “I think it puts you at a disadvantage to label yourself as a ‘feminist comic.’” I said to him, “I’m a feminist and a comic, so I’m a feminist comic—even if I just call myself a comic, my comedy is intrinsically linked with my feminism.” Even if one of my jokes isn’t like “feminism is this and that and boom punchline,” all my jokes are still inherently feminist, if that makes sense. And same with the podcast.

Check it out!


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