Our Biggest-Ever Star-Studded Teen Dream Quiz

I have a new post up at She Does The City (preview and link inside):

Can you please tell us your favourite colour, please?
Heather, 14, Ottawa, ON

Jonathan Taylor Thomas: Blue, like a blue-gray? Like my dad’s eyes. Sometimes I worry I’m starting to forget if they were gray-blue or blue-gray. But I have a dossier of photos from the private detectives I’ve hired to find him. Blue-gray, definitely.

Edward Furlong: Sorry about before, they just poured some black coffee into me. What’s my favourite color? China white, baby!

Devon Sawa: My favourite colour is whatever my fans’ favourite colours are! I love my fans! I’d like to buy them all a teddy bear in their favourite colour and a dress to match! Heather, I appreciate you spell colour the Canadian way, as I’m also a Canadian, and I love my Canadian fans the most (along with all my other fans who I also love the most).

Elijah Wood: In space, there are no colors. So I choose the color of space.

Read Our Biggest Ever Star Studded Teen Dream Quiz at She Does The City

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