Hot Summer Styles For People Desperately Afraid of Nature

Are you terrified of everything that lives in the outside? And some of the things that live on the inside? Here’s some hot summer styles to keep you safe, cute, and most importantly, safe.

These mesh cowls will keep the creepies from crawling up your face holes:

1 mesh

1 mesh 2.jpg

1 mesh 3.jpeg

If covering your face and head isn’t enough, try a full-body mesh:

1 bugstyle

Lyme Disease? NOT ON YOUR WATCH. Tuck your pants into your socks, and your socks into some Crocs:

1 socks

Who says a full mosquito tent can’t be a ball gown? Not us!

1 net.png

Don’t forget to accessorize!

1 broom

1 bug vacuum

1 snake proof.jpg

1 snake chaps

Cute AND safe!

1 bee suit






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